Sinulog Open 2018: AAU's First Tournament Of The Year

The time has come for All About U's first tournament of the year. I've been flying back and forth to Cebu city almost three or four times every year, but I never had the opportunity to cover an Ultimate tournament in the Queen City of the South.  Every moment in this world has its own time, and I guess, 2018 is the year that I will finally get the chance to cover the 5th Sinulog Open Ultimate Tournament. What I was really excited about Cebu was not the Chicharon or the tasty lechon of Carcar (I decided to stop eating red meat back in June of 2017), but because of the talents that this city has to offer. This is the home turf of great players like Bruno and Oyok Subang, Jeff Dela Cerna, Wendell Go, Brian Paulino, The Resch Sisters Tina and Jessica and a lot more. This is also the home of some of our finest Sports apparels like Double Happiness, Trident Active Lifestyle, and Agile Gear. With 16 active teams in the city alone, Ultimate in Cebu city is pretty much alive. We can't deny that the talent in the city is overflowing, but with all these teams and players, they do have one major hiccup in their daily Ultimate lives. They don't have a playing field to play on. 

Well, they do have a few left around the city, of course; but because of the Sinulog Festival that is happening this weekend, all fields have been booked for the biggest event in Cebu, and all fields around the city were already reserved since day 1 of January for the said festival. There's also one other available field that they can rent out, but they have to pay 8,000 pesos PER HOUR in order for them to use the space. It was a bummer, really. But the organizers still did their best and never lose any hope of finding empty lands for the home teams and guests to enjoy the tournament. 

Friday. January 12, 2018. We found ourselves traveling for about 40 minutes to Minglanilla and Naga City for Day 1 of Sinulog Open 2018. This year, Sinulog Open is a three-day tournament with 24 teams lining up to battle it out all weekend long to get a hand on one of the first trophies to be given out this year in the Philippine Ultimate Calendar. As expected, Day one was “the getting to know you again” stage.Especially that it was the first tournament for some players after a long while. Same with the AAU crew. Last weekend was also our first tournament of the year. So yes, we were also having a rusty time on Day one. But that doesn't mean that I wasn't having a great time. I was so glad that shooting season has finally begun. One major bump in Day one? The two-hour ride home to the city after a long day in the fields under the hot sun and pouring rain. Welcome to Cebu City!

Saturday games were all being played in Naga City Sports Complex (Except for the first set of games that was still scheduled in Minglanilla about 30 minutes away from Naga... I think).  Games went to full throttle in the afternoon as the matchups took the fields by storm. The Vice Boss and Thunderclap on pitch two and the Blacklist-Fasa Fuego game on Pitch one was the spark that led into a very competitive and intense battle from the top teams of the tournament. There were a lot of great games in Day 2 of Sinulog Open, but the Quarterfinal between Uranus and Thunderclap during the scheduled night games was definitely one of the most exciting and breathtaking matches of the tournament. I mean, literally. Even the biggest stars of the game were all catching them breathes just to give their teams the much-needed lead to win the game. 

You can eerily feel the calm before the storm, on Day 3 as the top four teams in Pool A were preparing to clash in the semis. On a cloudy afternoon with a chance of rain, It was home teams Uranus and Fasa Fuego, top two teams in Cebu city go head to head for the first time this year. Though I'm sure they have been playing against each other on a daily basis in the city, this one is different. Same with Team Vice Boss and Blacklist on the other side of the pitch, Vice Boss was mostly composed of players from Dumaguete, and some of the Blacklist players mentioned that playing VB was like playing against their brothers and sisters back home in Daro ball field. They knew each other that well.  In fact, All four teams knew each other for years. And that makes the Pool A Semifinal games a must watch battle between friends and families. It was intense. It was chaotic. It was Visayas Ultimate at its finest!

The Blacklist of Dumaguete fought hard trying to even up the semifinal series against Vice Boss (They also played against each other in Ormoc city during the semifinal round of Sugar Ultimate last October 2017) But, it still wasn't the right time for them to score a Win against the Bosses of Visayas. Fasa Fuego, on the other hand, worked together as a team like they always do to score all the breakpoints that they could get to cut down the big Uranus lead forcing the game into Universe point. There was a long discussion during the final point of the game. Everyone was fixed in the middle of pitch one as the two teams were trying to state their cases. In the end, Fasa Fuego gave in and the disc went back to team Uranus’ side. Just like the dark gloomy sky at that very moment, Fasa Fuego's chance of winning the game goes grey as Uranus scored the final point and won the ticket to the final dance of the tournament against Team Vice Boss.

The game exploded right from the get-go as both teams threw punches like their lives depend on it. Jeffleonard vs Alex, JakJak vs Paloy. Even Chubby and Franco came in with a lot of intensity. It was a battle just like what everyone expected it to be. But as Wendell Go of Thunderclap predicted on the sideline, Whichever team has the legs, in the end, will win the game. Team Uranus decided to stick on to their Strong line for almost 6-8 straight points while Team VB kept on rotating their fresh legs all throughout the game. Unfortunately, as much as they tried to rally back into the game, team Uranus ran out of legs in the end and Team Vice Boss came out victorious and has the right to call themselves as the Sinulog Open 2018 Champions.

Minus the heavy traffic and not enough playing fields to play on, Cebu has a lot to offer when it comes to Ultimate. Cebu city is like an Ultimate Portal for all of us. The center of every place in the country that has Ultimate tournaments. You can easily fly all the way to Clark up north or take the boat and go all the way down south. Cebu city has all the access. We can't deny the fact that Sinulog Open 2018 sure does has some lapses all throughout the weekend, but if you are organizing a 24 team tournament. Feed them. Making sure that they have a transportation to bring them home. (It's not easy to find a dozen of buses every day. And it's not cheap either). Making sure that they all have roofs under their heads by the end of the day. Making sure that they are comfortable all the time, and there's only four of you to tackle all these things. You need to have great passion and patience to do all these. So instead of bashing them with a few unnecessary punch in the gut, why don't we just give them some love and appreciation? Lend a hand. Share what you know. Help them in making Cebu tournaments bigger and better in the future. I think that's the right thing that we all need to do. 

Kudos to Apple, Boobie, Nadine, and Hannah. To the Marshals and to all the people behind these four who have done their part to make Sinulog Open 2018 a success. 

The first tournament of the year for All About U was a blast. And I can feel that the rest of the year is going to be spectacular. 

Time to bring your A game, folks... 

We are on our way. Wherever you are.

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What Does It Take To Represent Your Country: U24 Philippine National Ultimate Team.

What does it take to represent your country in an international arena like Worlds U-24 Ultimate Championships in Perth, Australia? Here are their answers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The U-24 Philippine National Team Players!
"To be part of the national team is a dream come true for me. And now that I’m here, it’s time to work. We will be playing at a higher level of competition thus we must work harder than ever in order for us to bring our game to the next level. With this privilege given to us, a great deal of discipline, determination, and commitment is needed since nothing will come easy. We must always keep in mind to work together as a team and that we are doing this not for ourselves but for our country. We are all honored to be given the opportunity to represent the country and show the world what the youth of Philippine ultimate has to offer."

- Dann Avena. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

Photo shared by Chelsey Aquino. Photographed by: Diego Zuluaga of Philippine Ultiverse 

"Being able to represent the Philippines in the upcoming World U24 Championships is truly an honor. Besides the physical preparation, the mental preparation is just as important.
I really want to make the most out of this opportunity to grow in the sport that I love and hopefully, make my country proud."

- Chelsey Aquino. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

Photo shared by Christian De Vera

"It takes determination to compete in international arena"

- Christian De Vera. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"Representing the country is more than just wearing the flag on our jerseys; it takes a lot of heart, mind, and determination for us to be able to achieve what we want to achieve. We have to work together, lift each other up, and make sure that we have the same mindset all throughout the tournament."

- Gabbey Rodil. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

"It takes a lot of hard work and determination to represent the country. Having that mindset of never settling for less and to keep working for the team and for the country in mind. Never settle. Never give up and keep learning in the process. I think that’s what it takes."

- Ian Joseph Quimio. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"Puso, sakripisyo, at pagkakaisa."

- Jam Macaraeg. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

Photo shared by Javi Escasa. Photographed by Juna Dela Cruz of Philippine Ultiverse.

"It takes a high tolerance for blisters, sunburn, cramps, sprints ni coach Jamel, muscle pain, and hours of training. It's tiring as heck but totally worth the effort."

- Javi Escasa. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"Aside from the physical aspect, I think it takes a lot of mental preparedness, too. I've been massively fortunate to have played for the Philippines in the past 3 years. This is my second (and last!) Worlds U-24 tournament, and from my learnings from the previous one, the headspace you're in is just as important as being physically ready for the games ahead. Don't psych yourself out too much as you can never truly be prepared for anything, but we have done our best to. Relax, be calm, trust in yourself and your teammates. Also when you're there na, have fun!"

- Jess De Leon. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

"Out of all the good players in the Philippines, I am proud to say that my passion and dedication for Ultimate helped realize my dream to represent our country. This fuels me to go the extra mile. Being part of the Philippine Team, participating at Worlds, shows the fruit of my trainings and experiences gained from the tournaments that I have participated here and outside the Philippines. It is not just about playing for the flag but I also want to share with the world what ultimate is about."

- Jessica Resch. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

"To represent the country in the international arena, it takes hard work and determination. Going up against competitors that I know will be harder to beat, the amount of sheer focus and heart I need to put in will definitely be more than ever."

- Kurt Dee. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"Being able to be chosen as one of those players who will represent our country in the coming January 7-13, 2018. It reminds me of my humble beginnings of how it all started. From the day that I started learning how to play ultimate, I did not only liked the sport, but fell in love with it. That's why I never stopped traveling back and forth to Dumaguete no matter how difficult it was for me, just so I can play and train and learn the sport first hand from one of the best teams and players we have in the country living in Dumaguete. So for me, it takes passion and love. You need to give all the best of your God given abilities in this sport of ultimate, because this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime."

-Qhenjune Villanueva. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"It takes a lot of heart and courage to represent our country on an international level because you're never really going to feel prepared for what's to come, even after months of training. It's an amazing opportunity though, and we just have to face it with the proper mindset and ready to learn!"

- Stella Escasa. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

"Representing the country in such a big event will never be easy. With everything that I have in my mind, I guess it will always take to have that BIG faith in God. Hard work is nothing if it ain't for the Lord. I have prayed for this nearly a hundred times and I must say, "Lord, para ni nimo tanan."

- Wilbor Ogic. Team Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

To represent our country is an honor and a great experience. This is not just about sharing our talents but its about showing what a true Filipino/ Filipina can be in and outside the field. Being part of this team is such a blessing and a big opportunity to learn more and meet new friends and family. Each team will be representing their own country as well and a big tournament like this needs a big effort with a big heart. It takes a lot of hard work and courage but with our love for this sport, the support of all the people who believes in us, and the guidance from the guy up there, keep us going.

- Zashi Pelegrino. The Philippines. U-24 Women's Team

It takes a great deal of responsibility. Representing the country in realm surrounded with people from across the world means great opportunity, along with great responsibility. Given the privilege, too much is expected. Therefore, its the responsibility for discipline, commitment for the performance, and the opportunity to grow learn and raise the Philippine pride.

-Gerard Castor. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

The biggest event in my Ultimate Life so far, My first time participating in Worlds Ultimate Frisbee, the very first time that I get to represent our country. An honor and privilege that I once wish to come true. Behind these things, I had to overcome trials. Recovery from my hyperextended knee was one thing, the short amount of time I need to get all the requirements done, and to train on my own. I strive hard to be better in training and studying for the tournament. But above, I trust that I can do all these things through Christ who strenghtens me. The love from my family, friends, home team and my special girl drives me to train harder, be better, not just for me and my team but also for our community. I am now ready for any battle together with the team.

- Rainerius Sanggalang. The Philippines. U-24 Men's Team

"I asked myself several times, "Can I make it?" I am so doubtful. Because I know, our community has a lot of great talent., There are more players better than me. Then I started to BELIEVE and have the COURAGE to join the tryouts (twice) and luckily, I was accepted!! A dream that became a reality. It takes COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE, being away from my parents, to give more time in training and prepare myself physically, emotionally psychologically because nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices. And KNOWING MY PURPOSE, this is to Honor Him, in everything that I do and being thankful for this Talent, the love from the frisbee community, friends, & family most especially my parents. This Opportunity is also to let the world see how Pinoys play this game, how dedicated we are in this field of sport and to make new friends & learn different culture. To sum it up, It takes a lot of, "Laban lang, Puso at Tiwala lang, Para sa Bayan"

- AJ Baliong. The Philippines. U24 Women's Team

These are the young Men and Women who will make us all proud this coming week in Perth, Australia.
Best of luck Team Pilipinas!

It's time to get to work!

What A Year It Has Been: All About U's 2017 Year in Photos

The highs. The Lows. The Pouring rain and the Scorching heat. The National Team. The Rivalries. 

A lot of great moments had happened in the last 12 months in the Philippine Ultimate calendar. From the northern part of Luzon, all the way down south in Mindanao. It’s impossible to cover them all,  But I sure do have seen a lot of great things all over the country and abroad this year. Twenty times to be exact. 

1. January. Sun Soaked Beach Festival. Ilocos Sur. 

For the past couple of years, Sun Soaked has always been the first Ultimate tournament that I go to, and it is also the season opener of Beach Ultimate in the country. What is special about this year’s Sun Soaked was it’s the first time that we saw action from the prospect players for the WCBU 2017 Philippine National Open team. The first training session of the team together. And what’s great about this year was when the Dragons reached out to the local team of Ilocos, gave them a few drills, went to Calle Crisologo for dinner time and a few bites of their famous empanada plus to enjoy each others company. Giving back to the local community is always a great way to start or finish a successful tournament.

2. February. Swash Beach Hat Tournament. Iloilo City.

I thought I will be spending the whole month not doing anything this year. But, Panay Intensity of Iloilo city planned a Beach Ultimate hat tournament in one of the sunny weekends of February. It was a fun two day Hat seeing some of the old folks that I met when I started shooting ultimate last 2014. It was also my Ultimate Anniversary year. So celebrating my third year of shooting the sport with the people who introduced me to it was close to perfect.

3.   March. Boon Rockstar Cup. Clark, Pampanga.

And then the giants of Ultimate came crashing into Pampanga. For the second time, Boon Technical Clothing turned the impossible into an absolute reality as  Aldwin Ibanez, Jolas Larracas and the rest of the Boss Chiefs of Boon  brought the names like, Mickle, Gibson, Matsuno, Furuzawa, and Tulette in Philippine soil, all in one team together with Guerrero, Libo-on, Pascua, Onlayao, and Francisco: challenging everyone for a battle royale in the fields of The Villages in Clark, Pampanga. We haven’t seen that much power in one team especially here in the Philippines. Boon Technical Clothing is molding another epic weekend in March of 2018. It is gonna get bigger and bigger from here on out. Boon Rockstar Cup became a huge window of opportunity for the Filipino Men’s and Women’s teams to test what they are truly made of.  Aldwin and the rest of the Boon Crew are giving us that opportunity. More exciting stuff for us media people to cover as well! 

4. March. Trident Ultimate Battle Grounds. Dumaguete City.

With the success of UBG 2016, Trident Ultimate Battle Grounds 2017 became the biggest Single Gender Ultimate tournament in the Visayas. But it was the city of Iligan who gave everyone a challenge as both their Open (Iliguns) and Women's (Amazons) teams marched into the finals. The Amazons went on to defend their 2016 title, but Iliguns faced a tougher challenge in Team Negros of Dumaguete. The Tajji, Dada, Isoy led Negros team won the 2017 UBG Open trophy in an exciting Universal point championship game. We don’t know what will happen in the 2018 UBG, but I believe that once the gates of the Battle Grounds have unlocked this coming March, it is going to be a battle to the finish. 

5. April. Boracay Open 2017. Boracay.

April was definitely one of the busiest months this year with three tournaments listed on the AAU calendar starting off with the biggest Beach Ultimate tournament in Asia, Boracay Open. For more than a decade, the Boracay Dragons dominated the sand of the island. But this time the Boracay Pirates finally had the opportunity to break the streak of the legendary Dragons. This was also the beginning of a great year for the Pirates as they went on to succeed on the beach and on grass throughout the year. 

6.  April. Ultimate Apparel Open. Boracay.

After a week of an intense championship game in Boracay Open, The Pirates continued their winning streak on the other side of the beach as they dominated the Ultimate Apparel Open with ease. Now in its second year, UA open is also beginning to attract Ultimate visitors to stay for another weekend full of high flying disc action. 

7. April. Saltimate DOS. Maasin, Leyte

I found myself traveling to a new spot in the AAU calendar after a few weeks of Beach Ultimate in Boracay. This is my first time in Maasin, Leyte and it is always nice to meet some of the pioneers of the game and I met a few of them in this quiet town. Maasin is one of the places on this side of the country that has a long ultimate history. Saltimate DOS is in its second year and I really hope to see this tournament go big in the coming years. 

8. May. Daba-Daba Ikapito. Davao City

Another busy Month. Merry May has two big tournaments plus a rising tourney in the north, listed in our AAU calendar. Starting with the biggest tournament in Mindanao, Daba-Daba is one of the most exciting tournaments that I have been covering every year. The competition is great, lots of amazing raw talents, and the people behind Daba-Daba are amazing. The Pool A finals between Mulatto and South SIde Guerrillas was a classic Davaoeños match up. You will never get tired seeing these two teams go at each other. 

9. May. The PFDA Open and Women's Nationals. Bacolod City

One Word. 


This is the first time that we were having a single gender Nationals Tournament in the Philippines. Carrying with them the success that they had during UBG 2017, the Iligan teams which are Iliguns + Amazons both won the Open and Women's division title. Putting a mark in the history of Philippine Ultimate as the number 1 city when we talk about Open and Women's division in 2017. It was so great to see teams who struggled so hard just to get there. They were traveling for almost 24 hours, had a hard time to find a place to sleep and in the end, they won the whole thing. A true Cinderella story.    

10. May. NLEX SCTEX Summer League. Clark Pampanga.

Ultimate Liga Pilipinas, a new group composed of passionate Ultimate personalities that focuses on the northern part of the country had their first Summer League with NLEX and SCTEX as their major sponsors of the tournament. It was like watching a UAAP/NCAA Ultimate tournament as Benilde and UP led some of the university teams that participated during that weekend in Clark, Pampanga. But the Warriors (Not a  collegiate team obviously) led by their Captain, Felix Angue, came out strong all weekend long to seal the championship victory and became the first crowned champions of ULPI's NLEX SCTEX Summer League.

11. July. Huck O Hulyo. Iloilo City.

After 8 long years, the local host team, Panay Intensity finally won Huck O Hulyo in Iloilo City. It was an exciting game against their rival team Kaiju of Bacolod city. Huck has been around for quite a while now, and it didn’t really have the opportunity to get its big break. I really hope that it will soon find its luck. 

12. August. Ultimate Shindig X. Dumaguete City

 For some reason, I'm always excited to go to Dumaguete during the month of August and shoot the heck out of Ultimate Shindig. Celebrating and covering the tenth year anniversary of the tournament and the tenth year anniversary of Team Extreme was definitely an honor. Since the beginning of my Ultimate photography, I've heard a lot of crazy stories about Shindig and of how beautiful Dumaguete city is. I've met a lot of people in Ultimate Shindig whom I became close friends with until now and it is always a great time to be in Dumzville in the month of August.

 13. August. AOUGCC. Alabang, Manila

The Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships was one of the biggest tournaments that we covered this year. It was also a big of a deal that AOUGCC was held here in the Philippines. Seeing some of the best teams in the Asia-Oceana region playing on Philippine soil was a huge achievement for Philippine Ultimate. The Open and Women's championships were exciting and so was the GUTS championships, but the story of the tournament for me was the Mixed championships between Mulatto and the Bandits. That was the beginning of the healthy rivalry between these two great teams from Visayas and Mindanao.  I am looking forward to more giant international tournaments that will be held here in our fences. 

14. Sept. Cabalen Ultimate Open. Clark, Pampanga.

The Bird Flu scare really took its toll as a bunch of teams backed out after they heard the news.  But with 28 teams total, Cabalen Ultimate Open 2017 was still the biggest tournament in the northern part of Luzon, not just because of the number of teams, but also because of the level of competition that the teams showed during the weekend. And with a Kapampangan dinner being prepared on the last day, you can count us in, anytime. 

15. October. 7th Sugar Ultimate. Ormoc City.

With the all-out support from the city government, Sugar Ultimate in Ormoc City will definitely be one of the most successful tournaments in the country. 2017 was also the biggest Sugar Ultimate to date. And you know, spending time with good friends is always the best time during this month. Ormoc City, always a good time, indeed. 

16. October. 6th Tarsier Ultimate. Bohol.

It was my first trip to Bohol, and they have it all. From the Chocolate Hills to their Man-made forests all the way to their white sand beaches in Panglao and their tiny big-eyed residents, The Tarsiers. Bohol is so beautiful. I just hope that they will do something about their playing fields for their young athletes to play on. They have the talents, and these talents deserve to have good facilities as well.

17. November. Manila Spirits. Alabang. Manila

For the first time in a long while, the 2017 Manila Spirits had an All-Filipino Pool A Finals. Manila Spirits Champions Boracay Bandits and Mulatto showed the rest of the world that the Filipinos are slowly but surely getting stronger and ready to compete at the highest level of Ultimate. It was also the second time that these two teams met in the finals and at the same venue. This time though, the Bandits won the trophy and leveled the series to 1 win a piece. 

18. December. Ultimate Frisbeecation 2.0. Malaybalay. Bukidnon. 

The last (or maybe the beginning)Single Gender tournament in the calendar again ended with a bang as both Open and Women's finals finished in a dramatic universal point fashion. A come from behind win by the Amazons against Dabawenyas, only proves that they are indeed the number 1 Women's team in the country today backing up their success in the Nationals last May. The Open division finals was definitely a clash of Mindanao as Team Dabawenyos also went on a huge rally to cut the lead down of the Bandits (who are mostly composed of Mindanao Players) and won the title in universe. Frisbeecation is one of the most organized tournaments that I have covered this year. Kudos to the men behind this amazing tournament, Team Bagani.

19. December. Dadis Cup 2017. San Carlo City

Daddy Libo-on found a perfect spot for his Dadi's Cup tournament. Though it needs about 3-4 hours of travel from Bacolod or Cebu, San Carlos City has beautiful playing fields, cheap hotel rooms, and affordable restaurants. It was like a little Dumaguete City with fewer people. It was definitely a perfect way to end and celebrate a great year of covering Ultimate.

20. June. WCBU 2017. Royan, France.

And you think I forgot about the most unforgettable moment of my life this year?  The trip to Royan, France was definitely the most memorable thing that happened to AAU this year. Having the opportunity to witness the best players in the world and shooting alongside the best shooters in the business was a humbling experience. 
It all started with these four simple words last year: 
"Oh How I Wish..."
"Oh, how I wish I will have the opportunity to go back out there and shoot World Beach." And then Chlods responded, and then Karen and Jessica responded, and then Beryl and Jansie followed suit, FIVE Ultimate said yes to the sponsorship, and some of you decided to help out as well. It was so overwhelming that until now, I still can't believe that we all actually made it happen.  I am forever grateful for all the kindness that you have given to me during that Royan Campaign.
There are a lot of fantastic highlight photos that were made, but this one photo really stands out the most in my own honest opinion.  After the heartbreaking loss to GBR in the semis, Everyone huddled in, and I didn't see a single Dragon in sight. No Pirates. No Sunken Pleasure. No Extreme. No BU. No Kaiju. No Vicious. No Bagani. No Uranus. No BC. No Alpha. Not even a Machine. This is a team. A PHILIPPINE TEAM. And I am so proud of what this team did in Royan. Without a doubt the greatest moment of the 2017 Ultimate season.

These are the 20 amazing experiences that we had the privilege to be a part of this year. Every year since 2014 Tournaments keep on adding up, and having a two-week rest is an amazing privilege lately. Was it tiring? Hell yes, I get tired all right. But the moments and stories that I have seen, heard and witnessed in every corner of the country that I go to each month... Every victories and defeat that I have witnessed... The laughter and cries... The beautiful beaches, mountains and amazing food that I tried... The friendly faces that you meet... Seeing your Ultimate Family... The Sleepless nights in front of the computer editing thousands of photos every tournament and scrambling to find the perfect words to put in on the blogs... The critics, the haters, the makukulits... Was it all worth it?

I wouldn't be here since 2014 not doing anything but to cover Philippine Ultimate if it wasn’t.

See you all in the fields in two weeks... 

Happy New Year!